Flavours and Sights: 4 days in Fukuoka for Lonely Planet

In early autumn, while settling in and preparing for the leaves to start changing and for the weather to get nippy, I received an email from a Photo Editor at Lonely Planet. If you don’t know, Lonely Planet is one of the most well-known travel publications operating today, so I was very interested to find out what was coming. They had written an article about Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan for their Best in Travel 2023 roundup and needed a photographer to help put images to the excellent words on the page. 

Screenshot of Lonely Planet article on Where to Eat in Fukuoka, Japan

The article was about the best places to eat, drink and sightsee in Fukuoka, taking me from Kyushu National Museum in Dazaifu, all the way to Nokonoshima (Noko Island), off the coast of Fukuoka. 

After discussing the logistics, I packed my bags, strapped up my boots (well, my Nikes) and set off on a journey that would eventually take five days and six nights to complete. I pulled on all my skill as a documentary photojournalist to capture scenes of both daytime and nightlife activities, people enjoying each other’s company and enjoying great food and drink. 

Photo credit: Third image from Shutterstock

Photo credit: Photos 4 - 6 Courtesy of Restaurant Sola

Photo credit: First image from Shutterstock

While I can’t list every individual location, they’re all in the article 4 days in Fukuoka, Japan: how to eat your way through the city. I have to give massive kudos to the writer, Stephen Lyman. He’s been in Fukuoka for many years, and I’ve experienced a number of excellent places thanks to his work! For anyone thinking of visiting Fukuoka, this list will be indispensable. Enjoy the photos here, then hit the link to read the article!

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