Hilfiger Island: BTS on Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear Campaign

In my 2016 Retrospective blog post, I mentioned working on a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. A few folks have asked about it, so I thought it was time to lay it all out!

Folks were curious!

In February of 2016, I got an email from Tessie Pessers of Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA), the leading digital influencer marketing agency based in the Netherlands. After searching the internet for Jamaican-based photographers, she came across my Instagram page. She was seeking a photography assistant and digital operator for a fashion photography production in Montego Bay. I later learned it was a Tommy Hilfiger campaign called Hilfiger Island, showcasing their new eyewear collection. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to work with a crew from Europe, as in this day and age networking is more important than ever.

After agreeing on cost and conversing with the IMA team via email, I made the journey to Montego Bay to meet them in person. We were split into two crews, and I ended up working with filmmaker Marlon Gervacio, and photographer Dennis Swiatkowski, two immensely talented creatives. I also worked primarily with online influencers, models and bloggers Linda Tol and Leonie Hanne, as well as Michelle Salas and Miguel Carrizo.

The two days spent with this team were pretty invigorating, as we worked with models from across Europe, shared conversations about our respective cultures and customs, and generally had an amazing time. Between takes and during times when I could grab my camera, I took as many behind-the-scenes images as I could to document the production, and below you’ll find some of my favourites. To see the finished product, your can head to Hilfiger Island to see the culmination of beautiful images and footage, shot at Silent Waters in the hills of Montego Bay and the Half Moon Shopping Village.

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