How I Failed Vlogtober

A few weeks ago (eight to be exact) I was excited and proud to announce to the world that I would be participating in my very first Vlogtober. No, I wouldn’t be doing it daily, but I was trying to commit to a weekly schedule to show the world everything I’d been doing. 

As you can probably guess from the lack of blog posts, that didn’t happen.

I had very lofty ideas about how I wanted to shoot the videos that I couldn’t quite produce without putting in a fair amount of work.

That same week I started working at another school; then I was perpetually busy with writing lessons, marking papers and creating content for my students.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been busy. 

Back home in Jamaica, I routinely worked multiple jobs at once (you have to if you’re a professional photographer). That meant taking on many clients and scheduling shoots, while working at the Edna Manley College, while, at one point, working five nights a week and some weekends for a local newspaper. So I’m no stranger to pressure.

But what this experience here and now taught me is that I need to slow down, which is exactly what I decided to talk about for a bit in my video. The images from the video can be found below. Have a look!

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