Projection Portraits with Julia

In late 2023, I was in a creative slump and wanted to try something slightly different to cheer myself up. I initially planned to do a small self-portrait series, but my friend Julia reached out to me during that period. She wanted to have some portraits done and had an idea in mind that I liked - using a projector as the light source. It surprised me a little because I planned on using a projector for my self-portraits! (Those who follow me on Instagram might have seen a few of my test shots on my Instagram Stories). 

You may remember Julia from the series of portraits I did with her in late 2022 (you can see the images and read about it here!), so it felt right to collaborate with her again. As we were looking to do something quick and fun, we decided to do a quick setup in my apartment with a sheet as the backdrop and a cheap projector. This setup had quite a few limitations, but there was fun in working around them. We did a few colour shots and a few in black and white; ultimately, we had a great time and enjoyed the results! It also reminded me that when I pick up my camera, it doesn’t have to be a massive production or a client assignment; it’s ok to have fun!

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