The One Card Challenge

I recently attempted the #1CardChallenge issued by fellow photographer Yannick Reid. It stipulated that you should use one card, no bigger than 8GB for two weeks. Shoot what you can, select the best four images, and edit them… but only on your phone.

It was a nice way to get other photographers to change their process and workflow a bit, and for those who tend to ‘spray and pray’ when it comes to shooting, force them to slow down and be more discerning with what they capture. Personally, the smallest card I own is 16GB, but I’m not the type to overshoot, so that wasn’t an issue. 

Another change was that I didn’t do it over the course of a fortnight, but instead during a single, short photo walk. 

Living in semi-rural Japan hasn’t quite offered me the photographic opportunities I had been seeking. However, I believe that you can create images just about anywhere in the world. So I set out to capture what I could in 5°c weather. Being from a part of Jamaica where 28°c to 32°c is the norm it was an exceptionally rough evening, but I was able to power through and get my shots. 

The first four images were my selections for the challenge; the others are extras. I edited them all using Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile and VSCO. Doing this challenge helped me to get back in touch with street photography a bit, and to be more motivated to explore my town. It also gives me the chance to keep my page with street photos in Japan active. I look forward to the next one!

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