Personal Branding Portraits with Laetitia

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Laetitia, a devoted taiko player with an incredible passion for the art form.

Laetitia’s journey into the world of taiko is nothing short of inspiring. Having moved to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a professional taiko player, she shows dedication and determination in every beat of her drum. Her upcoming audition for a prestigious taiko troupe called for a series of fresh headshots and athletic portraits, capturing both her professionalism and her spirited energy.

From the moment we met, her enthusiasm was infectious. She has a vibrant personality and a genuine love for taiko that made every frame I captured a delight.

One of my favourite parts of this shoot was working with her to capture her athleticism. Taiko demands physicality, and Laetitia’s was wonderfully highlighted in the athletic portraits. Whether poised in a stance ready to strike the drum or captured mid-motion, her commitment to her craft was clearly evident.

Working with Laetitia was an absolute joy. Her collaborative spirit and openness made the entire process not just smooth but immensely enjoyable. It’s not every day that you get to work with someone so passionate and dedicated to their art, and Laetitia’s commitment to her craft was inspiring!

As a photographer, being able to capture the essence of someone’s journey is an honour. Laetitia’s story and commitment to her dream of becoming a professional taiko player truly fuelled our energy in the portraits we created together. I have no doubt that her talent and passion, coupled with these images, will make a compelling case for her inclusion in the taiko troupe she hopes to join.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Laetitia, and I wish her nothing but the best on her incredible journey in the world of taiko.

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