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  1. Personal Branding Portraits with Fatima

    2024-03-03 06:37:59 UTC

    A few weeks ago, Fatima commissioned me to create portraits for her social media platforms and personal branding. She’s a wonderfully talented professional dancer from Argentina and the Director of Ãtmã Nur Dance Studio in her home country. Fatima is currently in Japan as a dancer and teacher at the…

  2. Personal Branding Portraits with Laetitia

    2023-12-07 06:00:24 UTC

    Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Laetitia, a devoted taiko player with an incredible passion for the art form. Laetitia’s journey into the world of taiko is nothing short of inspiring. Having moved to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a professional taiko player, she shows…

  3. Portrait Testing with Julia

    2022-12-06 12:42:07 UTC

    A few weeks ago I was in a bit of a rut and decided to do a small project to keep my skills intact. As a photographer, it’s vital that you keep working and practicing, even if it’s not a paid job. I hadn’t done studio portraits in a while…

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