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  1. On Assignment: Trench Town Rock

    16 Feb 2017

    On Saturday, the 11th of May, I got an unexpected assignment that would lead me to the birthplace of reggae music; Trench Town.  I was sent to cover Trench Town Rock, an annual concert put on by the family of Bob Marley to celebrate not just him, but the…

  2. On Assignment: Smile Jamaica

    24 Dec 2016

    On the 3rd of December I was contacted by the local paper I work with to provide coverage for Smile Jamaica; a concert that was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s legendary 1976 concert of the same name. Held at the Bob Marley Museum on Hope…

  3. On Assignment: International Mecca of Style 2016

    07 Jun 2016

    I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with one of Jamaica’s leading local newspapers as a freelance photojournalist, and as such, I’ve had quite a few experiences working in places that I might not have been before. In addition to this I have also been working in some of the…

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