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  1. Portraits With Alana: Part Deux

    2017-06-25 20:05:00 UTC

    Guess who’s back! Recently I’ve been bolstering my home studio with a few bits and bobs (a modifier here, a boom pole there) and decided it was time to put a few of these to work. I decided to reach out to my good friend Alana, who you might recognise…

  2. 6 Looks, 2 Models: A Beauty Shoot

    2017-06-18 17:22:40 UTC

    It started the way many collaborations do; on Instagram! Tamara Melville of T-Amoi Makeup Artistry recently contacted me via Instagram with the idea to do a beauty shoot with some clean, popping looks. She loved the photo set from my shoot with Toni and was interested in collaborating with me…

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